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Call me by my name, or by Nova. Welcome to my blog. I like warm hugs and I post sims things along with the occasional random art post.

"It's the spaceship breaking up in the atmosphere. This isn't snow; it's ash."
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Requests are closed and I won't upload sims publicly. However, if you want a certain sim as a model for CC or something like that, I will upload him/her privately for you. Also, I'm kind of slow with questions. I promise I'm not ignoring you. Thanks! ~N
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Unnamed Request ~ Attempt One

Important conversations with Sarah and her boyfriend

Windsor Eliara Faie. I think she’ll be a relative of Mara. n w n

[blatant use of cheekykittenbutt's femmie base]
meet Miss Margo Fyne n w n

Uploading Miss Loren Baer for saphirachanel, so if anyone wants her while I’m at it let me know! n_n

Link me to some base sims/your base sims?

I love using other people’s bases because it’s just fun but I can never seem to find them easily o_e

I LOVE YOUR SIMS. List 5 facts about your favourite sims then send this to 10 simblrs ♥


1. Nova is my oldest sim, born in-game on June 23, 2011. She’s had 3 RP personas and 30-ish cosmetic versions.

2. The sims I’m currently attached to most are Dinah and Mara.

3. Most of my sims are inspired by music, names, real people, or stories. My two newest ones will be Margo and Windsor, inspired by the book Paper Towns and the name Windsor, respectfully.

4. I’ve made about 200-250 sims over the past year, whether for myself or other people.

5. All of my favorite sims have a backstory, whether intricate or simple, and most of them intertwine in some way.

I am going to name one of my sims Windsor

Just a note to self

Mysteryjack is back!

Go follow him @asinego!

Anonymous asked:
Can you upload a base sim please?

I was thinking about doing that soon! Maybe I will, yeah. Give me some time though.