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I like good movies & tv and great music and I post sims things along with the occasional art post and reblogs of other things. "I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams."

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Requests are closed and I won't upload sims publicly. However, if you want a certain sim as a model for CC or something like that, I will upload him/her privately for you. Also, I'm kind of slow with questions. I promise I'm not ignoring you. Thanks! ~N

I think we all have that one sim that we’ll never really let go of, because they’re too special to us.

If you say you don’t then YOU’RE LYING
I mean, I know I do. Novie. Kisa. ;__;

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    This is fact. This is, in fact, my entire ts2 game right now.
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    Jason and Lindsay♥
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    the twins
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