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"Yeah, I know who he is, I’ve met him… traveled with him, even. He called me his companion, his friend, and I… I grew to love him. I like to think he loved me too. But I’ll never know now, because he’s long gone, and I know that he wouldn’t ever return for someone as small, as unimportant as me."

"…But he is real. The Doctor, he exists. The legends, the fairytales, they’re all true. And I remember him so well, like I’ve only seen him yesterday. But he… he doesn’t remember me. He never will, he wiped all of his memory of me to keep me safe from… from the unspeakable.”

"All the same, the time I spent with him was the best time of my entire life. He showed me sights, taught me things I had only seen in books. I experienced the World Wars, watched planets live and die, prevented plagues and saved the lives of millions by his side. He may be gone, but my memory of him remains. 
And I don’t regret a millisecond of it.”

~ Arietty, the Doctor’s Forgotten Companion
totally not writing a short story about this

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